working with businesses to improve potential, performance and lives
Resources, Processes & Systems

1BE will support you with the following:

Build People Skills/ Build Teams
 Identify the skills your business will require in order to grow
 Identify gaps in management and operational skills
 Implement good working practices and support learning of new skills and capabilities by understanding and embracing new and effective processes. This can include reflective learning and more formal learning through classroom based activities.
 Encourage staff to self-assess performance and behaviour
 Support senior management to create an environment in your business that will lead to a motivated workforce and build effective teams

Support Process Improvement
 Identify, analyse and improve existing business processes within an organisation to meet new goals and objectives.
 Focus on "doing things right" more than it does on "doing the right thing."
 Reduce variation and/or waste in processes, so that the desired outcome can be achieved with better utilisation of resources.
 Improve the quality of a product or service, to closely match customer and consumer needs.

Identify investment costs and funding requirements
 Identify the costs you will incur in terms of machinery, staff wages, stock, raw materials and distribution
 Support you to develop relevant financial statements
 Identify sources of investment
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