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Quality & Process Improvement

You will learn about the importance of quality on sales, brand and product development, and, operational efficiency. Develop an understanding of the term ‘quality’ and quality standards. Gain an appreciation of quality standards such as ISO 9000 and application in your business.

Develop strategies to create a culture of quality improvement throughout your business and introduce an environment of ongoing and continuous change. Ensure there is commitment from senior management and this commitment is communicated to all staff. Build a strategy that covers all processes and staff in your business.

Gain an understanding of Process Improvement and its importance in meeting your business goals. Learn about techniques such as workflow diagrams in order to gain a clearer understanding about documenting your business processes.

Learn about process management planning to create a structure for identifying and implementing improvements to your business processes. Identify areas of testing and the resources and skills needed to implement improvements. Create an action plan that will allow you to identify and measure your processes, and, implement improvements.
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