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Growth & Expansion

Your business' focus changes as it moves beyond the start-up phase. Identifying opportunities for growth becomes a priority to ensure sustainability. This is where 1BE can make a difference; by developing the leadership team, building strategies for sales growth, planning for relocation, developing your operational processes and sourcing finance.

 Strategic Development
Develop strategic leadership skills such as strategic planning, creativity, team building and motivating staff to enable the business to grow.

 Sales and Marketing Strategy
Identify and understand your market. Set SMART goals for your business and develop plans to achieve them.

Examine the office and production space you will require in order to expand. Identify and source options that are suitable and produce a plan of action.

 Resources, Processes and Systems
You will need people with the right skills, processes and resources to grow. Identify costs the business will incur in terms of wages, supplies and machinery. Identify the investment required to fund the expansion, when it will be needed and how it will be sourced. Prepare a detailed cash flow forecast regarding sales, working capital and expenses.

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