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Finance & Grants

Every new business start-up needs finance. Or if your existing business needs to grow then you need to look at ways to fund its development. 1 Business Enterprise offers help to access funding and to help you plan and manage your finances.

 Raising Finance
Every business needs finance to start-up or to expand. Identify the finance you need and the different sources available.

 Grant Applications
Gain knowledge of regional and national grants available for your specific needs. Recieve guidance and expertise to access grants for business start-up or expansion.

 Tenders and Bid Writing
Produce successful bids and tenders by demonstrating value for money and benefits you can deliver. Write a tender that is competitive and makes you stand out from others.

 Financial Planning and Budgeting
Identify and document your financial objectives. Budget for your income and spending. Analyse your business performance by looking at sales figures and costs such as materials and wages. Manage cash flow and your working capital requirements.

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