working with businesses to improve potential, performance and lives
About Us

1BE employs qualified and experienced people that have over 20 years of experience in the business support industry, whilst sharing the passion for helping individuals to start, grow and succeed in business.

Our Vision 
1BE is about adding value to you and your business. We pride ourselves in understanding business challenges and opportunities, having access to experts in funding, training and specialist business support.

Our Values
To be the leading gateway for businesses to access support in the UK.

Our Key Objectives
 To improve access to business support and training services helping businesses to start, grow and succeed.
 To promote innovation, diversification, best practice and the increased use of new technologies.
 To provide a learning experience that promotes management and staff development amongst multicultural businesses.  
 To develop a comprehensive database of multicultural businesses and to identify and articulate the needs of business support networks and key decision makers in the region.
 To widen the core membership of the 1BE so that it is attractive to the widest diversity of businesses ensuring that the 1BE is visible and accessible to all.
 To provide an effective platform for businesses to network and inter-trade and to facilitate and increase interaction between businesses of all origins.

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